The Answer is You (and me)

Last night I went to see Rev. Micheal Beckwith speak and Ricki Byers Beckwith sing at the University of Maryland, an event sponsored by two local religious science churches in the area. The program was simple, just Rev. Micheal and Rickey B.B. and a piano. But it was powerful beyond words. Not so much because of what was said, or even the music, but because of who showed up in the room and the collective energy of ‘being in the spirit’.

Now, if you’ve never been to a Beckwith event, let me attempt to describe to you what it was like. Although such a thing is like trying to describe what wet feels like. I’ve been watching and listening to Ricki and Rev. Micheal for over eleven years. I don’t remember exactly why I started, hearing my mom play their cassette tapes around the house, I suppose. But there was a an immediate attraction to their message of unconditional love, being the change, and seeing the God-Presence in yourself as a divine gift to the planet. The speed and vocabulary that Rev. Micheal used would often be to too much for my 17 year-old mind, but as he sometimes jokes after sharing something too quickly to catch: “that was a seed I just planted in your subconscious!” In hindsight I realize that I didn’t understand intellectually what he was saying until years after listening to him on a weekly basis. Sometimes it really just takes time for the plant to bear fruit.

The event last night was beautifully simple: your capacity for greatness is much greater than you can imagine. Rev described how our desire to be accepted and loved often results in going along with the status quo. It shows up as emotional and intellectual conversions where we define ourselves by what the group thinks, not wanting to break out of that box in fear that we won’t be accepted. But what we are doing here, as spiritual beings having a human incarnation, is to have a spiritual conversion. To transform our perceptive to recognize what is going on beyond the physical realm we interact with, and begin to consciously touch that which is directing it all.

This was powerful to me through the story he shared about ancient alchemy. In order to change iron into gold, the alchemist needed to mix a little gold with the iron. It wasn’t until that small percentage of gold was present, that the dense vibration of the iron would shift to match that of the higher frequency of gold. In our lives, there is always a small piece of gold present. It’s those moments of indescribable joy, deep belly laughter, quiet mindfulness with nature, or the warm embrace of a loved one. In order to lessen the density of the iron (fear, doubt, worry) we need to increase the presence of love, joy, peace in our lives. We do this by practice (there’s no way around it). Practice loving by forgiving, practice appreciation by being grateful, practice peace by being still. Simple directions, yet often much more challenging to do in real life.

What I’m taking away from the event and the deep reconnection to my Spirit during the music was a recommitment to my spiritual practice and a new awareness that there is always something to be gratitude for. Just breathe that in and thank God for the breath you just took!


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