Breathe Golden Air

I often begin trainings or dialogues with an acknowledgement that this gathering of individuals is perfectly unique. It will never happen again exactly as it is taking place right now in this moment. Similarly, everyday you wake up is a new experience that displays to the world who you believe yourself to be. I catch myself throughout the day having to take a pause and recognize that this moment will never repeat itself exactly as it is happening now. I used to feel sadness or a strong desire to capture the moment in a vain attempt to extend the feeling/experience of it.

Now I attempt to live and BE in that moment, with awe and celebration for this gift called life. Whether it’s as I mix blueberry pancake batter with my three-year-old, smile at the way the sky has painted a sunrise or doing a little dance to Gangnem Style as I wait for my Chinese take-out.

I heard a song that was so beautiful as I connected with my spiritual community 3000 miles away. Yet listening to it in real time is always so much more powerful than listening after. I think it’s tied to this idea of BEING in the moment. Not watching it after the fact or reflecting upon it in the past. Being with all the other 600+ individual watching online and the hundreds gathering physically in the space allows for an extra special experience of ALIVENESS. The gift is that this is always available. We just have to turn our attention to it. To recognize that the breath you are taking is the breath of the Divine.

Breathe into that idea and allow the exhale to share it’s peace with you.


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