So I’m in California this week, first stop in San Francisco to visit my sister living her dream with her start-up GreenLid. Her subscription clients are loving her delicious & healthy green smoothies.

Watching her do her magic whipping up fruits and kale into incredibly smooth creations was so inspiring. Mostly because I see how quickly she went from dreaming the dream, to living the dream and delivering for corporate clients like BandPage and Task Rabbit on a regular basis.

It’s inspiring because she envisioned, affirmed, held faith, and committed herself to the internal work of attracting the perfect combination of resources, people, and knowledge to feel confident in manifesting her dream.

It’s inspiring because she’s not done yet. Her dreams are getting bigger and expanding to providing the country with healthy food fast.


I’m grateful for her and to watch her in action today. I feel like I’m cheering on an Olympic Athlete. And regardless of her winning the gold (which she surely will) she’s inspiring me to keep working towards my dreams too.

Who’s inspiring you?


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