everyone can feel this

Mother’s Day isn’t just for moms.

The surge of appreciation and gratitude that we speak of and recognize today needn’t be limited to those that physically birthed us. There are so many women and men in my life who have been involved in my physical, emotional and spiritual development. So I give thanks for each one of them this day.

  • How their example has inspired me.
  • How their words have supported me.
  • How their vision of who I am, beyond category or profession, embodies the truth of my purpose for being on the planet.

What I continue to learn from all of this is that life is amazing. It is a gift of such magnificence that each of us can feel if we allow ourselves to feel it. Just stare at the flowers blooming, or the sky at sunset or the eyes of a child, or your dog or yourself. I’m certain there is something right in this moment that you can speak appreciation for. Go ahead. Acknowledge it right now.

amazing life

One of the most powerful sources of inspiration I’ve received is from Mary Morrissey. I’ve been listening to Mary since I was ten, first met her when I was 20 and was married by her when I was 24. She continues to embody the type of spiritual teacher that is transparent about our perceived limitations yet convinced of our inner perfection. She created a video for today that I just love and wanted to share it with each of you.


I think the reason I love holidays like this, isn’t because I get flowers and recognition for being a mother, but because all of us are invited to gift appreciation to those that embody compassion in our lives. Even if you never knew your mother, the fact that she held and grew you within her own body is a MAJOR act of compassion. Today is a special day, when hugs are freely exchanged, empathy is shown  and love really feels present. For our culture, in these days, that’s a significant shift from the norm.

So if you have ever nurtured, supported, showed kindness to others in your life. I honor you. Thank you for extending the real gifts of mother’s day with all of us.


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