one less complaint

Today I’m stepping into 30 days of complaint-free living. And to keep me accountable, I thought I would post every few days about what miracles show up as a result of this mental game. I call it a game because it really is an exercise of mental persuasion. The more conscious I am of my capacity to choose where I place my attention, the stronger my mind grows in attracting what I’m attending to. Basically the game is to…


I first heard about the 30-day challenge to not complain about ANYTHING, in Edwene Gaines’ book 4 Spiritual Laws of Prosperity. I wrote a few posts back in 2011 about how I did, here was a funny one. Today I’m beginning again for two reasons: First, in preparation for Ramadan which begins next week and my tradition to give up a mental habit as I fast from food and drink from sunrise to sunset (although I am allowing myself water this year). Second, I just need to shake loose this nagging voice in my head that loves to complain!

Have you ever been in a situation of undeniable beauty, calm and enjoyment  when all the sudden this annoying voice whispers loudly:

“…you know this won’t last very long…”


…”if it wasn’t for that piece of trash/the dark clouds/the kid screaming over there this moment would be perfect…”


…”I forgot to do XYZ! Dang it! I’m such a lousy sibling/parent/friend/employee!”

I’ve learned at least to not resist or get angry at this voice anymore. That just makes it stronger. It’s not my goal to completely erase ever having a negative thought for the rest of my life. (But wow, wouldn’t that be cool!??!) My goal is a little more realistic – at least for me in this lifetime – to not DWELL on the thought and choose to refocus back on what I’m grateful for.

This is the power in the complaint-free challenge. To put your primary focus on gratitude. To move throughout your day in the following ways:

1. Being mindful for what is working:


2. Acknowledging how your strengths are being utilized:


3. Recognizing where kindness shows up


4. Looking for ways to serve more of all that good stuff.


It’s not hard once you decided to look for it. Would love to hear your thoughts and invite you to share how you’re choosing one less complaint today!


4 thoughts on “one less complaint

  1. I love this. Good luck! I tried this a few times, and I don’t think I ever made it out of my day one! But you are inspiring me. I may try along with you. 🙂

  2. cate says:

    I was just telling a gal pal today to try and break the comfortable habit of complaining. Instead, flip it!! Like Im so happy I have this money for this bill, Im so happy I have this car to drive to the hospital to see my terminally ill friend, etc…It works, I practice this daily.

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