Artistic Moonlight

Over the weekend I went for a moonlight stroll. My photos fail to capture the vastness of the experience, but they do at least  provide a glimpse.


The experience felt like a Hafiz poem I read recently:

God is applauding our every act, but

He hides that reality from most, until

we can understand more about real


As I stood there contemplating the moon, stars and their dance across the ocean waves I wondered if artists across the world in ancient times did the same. Perhaps they too pondered aloud the mysteries of the Universe beyond and what is hidden from us that we do not yet understand.


During my walk, I ruminated over the act of creativity, the purpose of creative self-expression and the capacity for manifestation.

How does a musician translate what she hears beyond the silence into a song for her beloved?

How does the painter re-present the starry sky of this moment on canvas?

How does a poet catch inspiration of the majestic full-moon, quietly gazing at her luminous body for hours until (quick!) the whispering muse came out to play?

For the masters, there is something beyond skill, technique and analysis. I suspect an essence closer to grace and surrender. For if art is doing what it promised, we will not be the same after visiting.

ahhhh! Such Peace!


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