Pause Reflect


December is a month of reflection and preparation. It is the arbitrary end of a cycle we call one year. This natural cycle is one way to measure your movement along your path of life. It is an opportunity to look back upon the experiences you have had: the successes, the missed opportunities, and the memorable moments. It is a good time to ask yourself some questions that will empower you to ensure that the next year is even more fun and rewarding than the past year.

  • How have I become more loving? How much more do I love my self?
  • How effective am I in remaining focused on my true purpose in life?
  • What experiences would enable me to become more focused on my purpose?
  • What will make next year more playful and fun?
  • In what ways can I share more of my gifts with the world?
  • How can my sharing create more abundance and satisfaction for me and everyone I touch?
  • What am I deeply committed to that will have an impact on the consciousness of the world?

When these types of questions are deeply pondered, looking both at the past year and anticipating the new one, it can provide the stimulus for action in the present moment that is focused, committed and effective in helping you fully enjoy the wonderful adventure called your life.

–Ted Murray

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