trust your heart


So often during the holidays we get wrapped up (pun intended) in all the doing-ness that we forget the deeper reason why holidays exist at all. My family has experienced three deaths this month and each of them has provided a deeper offering for my heart to be trusted. I observe many folks closing their hearts after painful experiences, believing that they are protecting themselves from further harm. But the fact of the matter is that closing ourselves off to feeling pain ALSO closes our hearts to feeling joy, creativity, and love. We must allow our hearts to feel all of it, the shadow and the light as each end of the spectrum guides us to our highest destiny.

This holiday I’m grateful to simply be with my family. To celebrate their health and happiness and the wonderful presence of their light in my life. We’re not giving gifts this year (partly b/c we’ve been traveling all over the country for funerals the past two weeks) but also because collectively (and slightly unconsciously) we agreed that we needed to slow down the doing-ness and simply focus on being together.

I hope that where ever you are and however you celebrate this season, that it include a moment of pause. To recognize the light that shines within and the sacred contribution each of us make to every life we interact with.



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