considering possibilities

One of the three books I’m reading at the moment is The Synchronicity Key by David Wilcock. And while he often goes on long tangents and has packed in wwwwwaaaaayyyyyy too many topics into a single book, I am appreciating a few possibilities that he presents to the reader. The most important and life-altering possibility is that life is NOT as most folks imagine it to be. Here is an excerpt from his book, which I feel summarizes his thesis pretty well.


Lets Consider the Possibilities

Let’s consider that life on earth may be a vast, meticulously balanced and fastidiously maintained illusion, a school for spiritual masters in training. Let’s say this illusion is guided and watched over by countless intelligent entities who are much more advanced than most of us could ever dare to believe. Let’s say that no matter how smart we think we are, there are people out there who are far more intelligent than we could ever be—at least at this time.

Let’s say that there is a transparent ceiling and that everything we think, say, and do is known to these people, moment by moment. Let’s say that these people have nothing but the greatest love and compassion for us. Let’s say they have a deep understanding of everything we have ever suffered through. Let’s say that no matter how seemingly heinous of a crime we may have committed against someone, these people genuinely forgave us—and did not shame or disrespect us—even when it seemed like no one else would or could.

Let’s say that these people do administer the purifying fire of karma when we infringe on others’ free will, but this is one with absolute love and respect so that we can be restored to perfect balance. Let’s say that once we have paid off our karma, we never need to feel fear again, as we can always choose to help and love others, rather than manipulating or controlling them. Let’s say that if we keep making positive choices, no new negative karma will need to be created in our lives. Let’s say we will then be actively protected from painful and disruptive things that might have otherwise happened, as a very real form of health insurance. We will then invariably begin seeing positive rewards for the good works we have created.

Let’s say these people have known exactly what steps we have to take in order to master our experiences. Let’s say that a great deal of effort is involved in constructing the illusion that life on Earth, and the things that happen to us, appear to be random—because if it were too obvious, there would be nothing for us to learn. Let’s say that these people are working tirelessly on our behalf, do not need to take credit for that they do, and are happy to keep working even if hardly any of us understand who they are or what they are doing. Let’s say that much of their work involves careful manipulation of events on earth—including subconsciously affecting the actions of other—so that whatever experiences we create for those around us will then happen in our own lives. Let’s say there are great cycles of time that steer us through a consistent story line—the Book of Life or Hero’s Journey—again and again. Let’s say these people know this story well and seek to help us master whatever section we find ourselves in.

Let’s say that these people are ready and willing to talk to you as long as you meet them halfway and show that you are mature enough to handle that communication by practicing the ageless wisdom teachings in your daily life. Let’s say that synchronicity is a stepping-stone they use to make you aware of their presence—at a gradual speed, without fear so that over time, you can recognize the full truth. Let’s say that the synchronicity is where the same system that is constantly being used to create karma is put to a much happier and more inspiring use.

Regardless of whether you are ready to accept these concepts or not, there is abundant scientific evidence that we survive physical death and have already experienced multiple lifetimes on Earth. Any memories of these past lives are usually hidden from us by a veil of amnesia, though it is possible to penetrate the veil in certain cases, such as through hypnotic regression. As it turns out, some things we measure out to others are extreme enough that we cannot balance them out within one lifetime. Reincarnation is a system through which we can delay the repayment of these actions until we have reached a level of spiritual maturity at which these balancing experiences could become useful to us as souls.


What I’ve appreciated most from this book is the way Wilcock presents an integrated multi-dimensional Universe. Our experience is not separate from our thought about it nor is any observer separate from what is being observed. We are all interconnected including the vast complexity of life before and after this current one. This is helpful to me because as I shift my primary objective from a life of getting (things, career accolades, smarts, spouse, house, etc.) to a life of giving. This requires me to be interested in asking the question of why I’m here, what aspect of Spirit is attempting to emerge as my life? It also frees me from the burden of guilt and fear knowing that there is literally a choir of angels surrounding me at every moment engaged in my decision making and celebrating my unfolding awareness of their presence in my life.


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