50 Shades of Graaaateful

I heard a talk yesterday (although it felt more like stand-up) by the incredibly talented Amy Stienberg. She titled it 50 Shades of Grateful and spoke on three levels of gratitude:

  1. gratitude for what you have,
  2. gratitude for what you don’t have and
  3. the ‘beingness’ of gratitude (gratitude for gratitude sake’s).

Every Thanksgiving we hear so much about how we should be grateful and to list it all out so that it’s in the spotlight of our awareness. But how do we practice gratitude for what is lacking in our lives? Or be in a state of gratitude when life is really difficult.

If you follow this blog, you know that I have been practicing gratitude as an art form for over ten years and incorporate it into my peace practice in a number of ways. Last year around Thanksgiving I hosted a call exploring how to develop inner peace and this year my focus is on gratitude. I invite you to join me in exploring:

  • Practical ways to practice being grateful for what is lacking in your life.
  • Easy steps to bring gratitude into your everyday life.
  • Experience the power of gratitude as more than a list, but as a honoring of who you really are.

So as you gather with friends and family this week, whip up your awareness by joining a conversation about all the shades of gratitude.

This hour call is open to anyone with a suggested love donation of $10. Here are the details. Email me at reimaginepeace@gmail.com to register and receive the conference call details.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

3pm Eastern / 12noon Pacific


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