Coming Out

2013 marked the year I officially “came out.” I embraced the peacemaker,  as my primary identity. During my interview by the Thought Publications, I realized that I’ve learned enough, it is time to teach. Take a listen, I would be delighted to hear your feedback.

Life is a whirlwind! A vortex of swirling energies, beliefs, ideas, emotions and thoughts. Something akin to…

vortex21What was, is no loner the same.

Time. Transition. Transformation.

No, nothing remains as it was.

And this is good. I would never want to end a year the same person as I began it. I invite change, I welcome growth, I make space for movement.

Coming out, has also in a sense meant coming in. For it is my inward journey that has bloomed so fully and completely to transform my priorities, my career, my parenting and my relationship with my Self. I no longer limit my imagination in creating a life full of joy, peace and abundance because I have reaped the benefits of this magical practice. I received more money in 2013 than I ever have before. I deepened my self-love practice far beyond previous limitations. I experienced great love, organismic meditations and exquisite friendships. I became vegan, lost weight and began to deeply listen to what my body needed to be healthier and stronger. I received a promotion at work, moved to a beautiful beach town, and celebrated my deep gratitude for family. All this goes beyond having an attitude of gratitude or positive thinking. I’m convinced that this is the essence of a peaceful life. Because overall I feel more aligned in who I am and why I am on the planet.

Of course there is still much I want to improve about my life. Some of the delicious experiences I am calling forth during 2014 include: deepening my spiritual practice, experiencing twin-flame partnership,  migrating for good to the west coast, and creating wealth through my creative arts. No doubt 2014 will be amazing!

Additionally I’m thrilled to begin to offer new ways to support your journey into the vortex of peace as well. Check out my Offerings page and connect me with to explore how peace might transform your day, your year and your life.




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