Are you interested in creating more peace in your life? Are you challenged by inner healing, conflicted relationships, or a confused life journey? Are you ready to experience a renewed sense of freedom, expanded awareness of abundance, and deepened feeling of joy?

If you’re ready to step forward in a new way, but could use some assistance in clarifying the process and strengthening your sense of self, I offer the following services:

One-on-One Visioning

These one-hour skype or telephone calls are intended to assist you in identifying tools and spiritual technologies in manifesting what you want. I will guide you in how to use tools that have worked for me in attracting more peace, abundance, love and harmony into your life by embodying these qualities on a regular basis. ($25)

Developing a Peace Practice Virtual Course

In early 2014, I will begin offering a 4-week virtual course on establishing and deepening a regular peace practice. This course is ideal for those in service/support careers or whose natural tendency leads to helping and assisting others. In these types of positions we can often experience “burn-out” because we give too much of ourselves and haven’t established a firm practice for replenishing our own energies. Committing yourself to a regular peace practice increases stamina to take on the challenges of everyday life. More details about the course will be posted soon.

Sacred Ceremony: Mother’s Blessing

A mother’s blessing is a ceremony honoring a woman as she nears the end of her first pregnancy. Unlike a baby shower which is usually focused on the arrival of the newborn, this ceremony celebrates the mother by honoring her with a space to release fears, share her labor/birth vision, hear the affirmations and support from the women in her life and receive physical massage and relaxation. This five-hour gathering is best held towards the end of the third trimester and usually involves 8-12 female family and friends who are committed to supporting the mother in her new role. I will customize the ceremony that reflects the mother and her preferences and work with those organizing the event to create a peaceful experience for all. ($250 + travel costs)


If you are interested in any of the services listed here, please use the form below to connect with me.

All rates are negotiable as I am committed to sharing my understanding of peace with all those who are drawn to know and practice peace in a deeper and dynamic way.


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