Manifesting. You in?


Life is pretty incredible when you think about it.

You’re breathing.

Thousands of electrical and web-based services are aligning perfecting in order for you to see and read these words.

The sun is shining. You may not see it from where you are, but it is. Always.

And the thoughts you had last week, or last year are probably showing up as form for you today. Hmmmm…maybe I’ll keep this post first-person and say they are for me.


My journey with manifesting, transforming thought energy into form, has been incredible. There are lots of folks out there with various definitions and processes and many have influenced my experience, but I’m careful not to take any One description over my own experience. This shit is the definition of subjective.

I choose to experience manifestation as a partnership with my guardian angels, higher (more evolved) Self(s) and sweet infusion of power that is the ether of the Universe. My life here on Plaent Earth, is simply a collaborative art project we’re creating together, but which I have the delight in orchestrating.

I get to manifest colds, happy days, wealth, walks in the park, poverty, cramps, orgasms, poetry, and millions of other experiences, behaviors and states of being. Outside of my life I contribute to the energetic states of others and what they are manifesting based solely on their agreement or disagreement with what I’m putting into their mind. For example, I have a pretty strong minded six-year-old son. Sometime, however, he does believe what I tell him about himself. For example, one day I tell him he is so messy. Over the course of the next few weeks he starts to believe it and makes more unapologetic mess. And after complaining about it, reminds me that I was the one that told him he was messy.


This is what manifestation looks like in my life, even within my own head. I used to have have an internal story in my mind (well ok, it still plays from time to time) that I was fat. No matter what the evidence told me, I knew my thighs were too wide, but belly too bouncy and my butt too …well actually I was ok with having a large arse.


At my heaviest I weighed 175. Some would say that’s not so bad for an active woman in her thirties. But I was ashamed by it. Embarrassed. Frustrated. Slightly angry at my seemingly inability to not…buy…the…damn…gummies….again.

Whenever I focused on losing weight, I gained more. I tried dieting and expanded. I tried new workout routine (although I confess was never 100% committed) which failed. I tried just cutting out junk food, which didn’t last past my next menstrual cycle. So I went back to what works for me: writing.

I journaled for a few months exploring the reason why I held on to this weight. Why was I manifesting heaviness? How did the pounds serve me? Was I protecting myself from the outside world in some way? If so, what was I afraid of?

This exploration paid off. Once I found the core reason for why I was manifesting weight (for protection) and told myself I’m ready to let that go, it began to dissolve. Of course, not overnight…but within a few months I was 20 pounds lighter, without a simple change to diet or exercise.


I share this story because manifesting is a gift. If we believe in the premise that we are creating our lives, then we have to accept that we created all of it. No that wasn’t easy to hear when I was diagnosed with epilepsy at 23. But it was empowering to utilize when I healed myself at 25 (seizure free since!).

Manifesting is an invitation to really explore what it is we think about our worth, our experience of balance in joy and in uncomfortable growth. I remember when nearly every area of my life felt like it was breaking down: my relationships, my finances, my profession (or lack thereof at that time), my sense of self. Yet there was one place I felt strong, in my ability to parent. And knowing that I felt strong and capable in that helped me to realign and trust myself (and my angel team) to rebuild my life.


Today my life is incredible.

I have an awesome partner who adores me. Cucumbers growing in my garden. Delightful spaces to be vulnerable with those close to me. A gorgeous home with nourishing crystals. Financial security I only imagined was possible a few years ago. A deepening sense of awe for my self and this beautiful journey. And a break-dance loving little boy who delights in reminding me how to play.

Now it’s you’re turn. Tag! What are you manifesting today?


Pause Reflect


December is a month of reflection and preparation. It is the arbitrary end of a cycle we call one year. This natural cycle is one way to measure your movement along your path of life. It is an opportunity to look back upon the experiences you have had: the successes, the missed opportunities, and the memorable moments. It is a good time to ask yourself some questions that will empower you to ensure that the next year is even more fun and rewarding than the past year.

  • How have I become more loving? How much more do I love my self?
  • How effective am I in remaining focused on my true purpose in life?
  • What experiences would enable me to become more focused on my purpose?
  • What will make next year more playful and fun?
  • In what ways can I share more of my gifts with the world?
  • How can my sharing create more abundance and satisfaction for me and everyone I touch?
  • What am I deeply committed to that will have an impact on the consciousness of the world?

When these types of questions are deeply pondered, looking both at the past year and anticipating the new one, it can provide the stimulus for action in the present moment that is focused, committed and effective in helping you fully enjoy the wonderful adventure called your life.

–Ted Murray

You can sign up for daily inspirational reflections like this on Humanity’s Team website:

Be at Peace Madiba

Nelson Mandela

One of the first posts I saw on FB this morning was about Nelson Mandela’s transition. This sweet soul inspired me in so many ways. His action in the 90’s encouraged me to pursue my passion for world peace as an actual college major. His leadership as a global leader transcended nationality, social status, race and ethnicity. His light is powerful and his voice stirred my soul. When I lived in West Africa in 2005, references to him and the pride that so many people felt for him provided new depth to a continents love for their courageous Madiba.

If you don’t know the story of his life, I would highly recommend his autobiography, or to watch one of the many films about his activism that brought down South Africa apartheid and began a nation’s healing. There are so many stories of how he transcended his anger and fear to walk into a life of spiritual and political reconciliation. Here is one that I appreciate, for it’s rawness, the vulnerability he expresses and the TRUTH available to all of us.


When Bill Clinton met Nelson Mandela for the first time, he had a question on his mind: “When you were released from prison, Mr. Mandela,” the former President said, “I woke my daughter at three o’clock in the morning. I wanted her to see this historic event.”

“As you marched from the cellblock across the yard to the gate of the prison, the camera focused in on your face. I have never seen such anger, and even hatred, in any man as was expressed on your face at that time. That’s not the Nelson Mandela I know today,” said Clinton. “What was that about?”

Mandela answered, “I’m surprised that you saw that, and I regret that the cameras caught my anger. As I walked across the courtyard that day I thought to myself, ‘They’ve taken everything from you that matters. Your cause is dead. Your family is gone. Your friends have been killed. Now they’re releasing you, but there’s nothing left for you out there.’

And I hated them for what they had taken from me. Then, I sensed an inner voice saying to me:

‘Nelson! For twenty-seven years you were their prisoner, but you were always a free man! Don’t allow them to make you into a free man, only to turn you into their prisoner!'”

Nelson Mandela

Heal My Self = Heal My Life

This message has been simmering for awhile, b/c it’s even more transparent than I usually am. If you are follow me, you know I don’t hesitate to show my scars, my mistakes and my issues. Yet obviously, there’s a cap on that public category of “Nina News.” Yet, I hear so much from your posts, comments and yes, even real face-to-face conversations I sometimes have with ya’ll, that I’m noticing this low-level anxiety about much of your life. And this goes not only for the Americans, though it’s certainly predominate in our culture. We’re so concerned about environmental degradation, health malfunction, job complaints, or family stress. I can no longer blame Facebook for being an amplifier of this collective negative story that life has us all victimized. FB is only reflecting back what we are thinking/talking/acting about.worried-earth-illustration-thumb8395865

So I wanted to offer one story from my life that helped to change the course of my thinking trajectory, consequentially impacting every single aspect of my life. And before you shrug off my note as more New Age mumbo jumbo and baseless “positive thinking” as irrational optimism, I invite you to consider that you are reading this because there is a part of you that KNOWS:

Life is supposed to feel good.

During the spring semester of my junior year of college I began to experience random muscular “shimmies” (as I called them) that would later be confirmed by an UVA neurologist as something far more serious than repurposed dance moves.  I would often lose my balance, drop things, or lose complete control of my arms, legs or neck when they occurred. The shimmies happened while driving, in the shower, during exams and once while on a staircase resulting in an ER visit due to a concussion (the first and only of my life). As a 22-year-old in great health, my doctors could find no other explanation other than “seizures associated with epilepsy.” I was ordered to take daily medications, my driver’s license was revoked and all plans I had for living abroad after graduation were postponed.

Nine months of self-pity, excess weight gain, and tittering alcohol abuse found me on a massage table, crying my eyes out to the “therapist” who was a family friend. She asked me one question that softly but powerfully turned down the victimization noise (for a moment): “What do you think your body was trying to tell you?”

Two reasons why this question was significant to me at that moment:

1)      It was the first time I considered that my identity may be separate from my body

2)      That my body could communicate with that “other” part of me

So who the hell was that “Other”??

In my quest to answer that question I discovered, rather quickly, that the answer was quite heavenly. As I continue to step forward into redefining my identity as a being beyond physical and intellectual capacity, I realized the lesson my body was attempting to have me pay attention to: Accept this. Forgive past behaviors. Choose Again.

My life had become a mirror of my self-inflicting anger. Accepting  my responsibility for my beliefs, forgiving myself of my momentary misunderstanding and then ACTING on a new thought became my guiding light. Once I stopped resisting, my body healed. I never had another seizer after that spring. And whenever there is something of high importance happening in my life that is in alignment with my new identity, my body responds with a softer shimmy.

I’m not sharing this story with you simply as inspiration, (though that’s cool, if that’s all you’re taking it as) but as an invitation to walk forward with me in new uncharted territory: Financial Healing.

Recently I had a break-through ah-ha moment just as powerful as that moment on the massage table. It was a perspective of money as abundant as the ocean. Envisioning my financial “being” as valuable and communicative as my physical body. In short, it was an invitation to accept a new thought about my relationship with money. And in the midst of pre-school tuition payments, student loans, and an employer in less than ideal financial standing, I recognize that now is a perfect time to take a new action based on this new thought.