I won’t give up

Sometimes you have to pay attention to the signs all around you.

I’ve been struggling with a big business decision the past few days and attempting to not intellectualize it too much so that I could also hear from my intuition about the best way forward. So when one of my favorite Jason Marz songs came on Pandora, I paused and realized that this was the answer to my dilemma.
Giddy with clarity, I decided to quickly record myself singing it. It’s raw, and unedited. Like life, I suppose. I hope you enjoy it more for that reason.


One Woman

Anoushka Shankar, Charice, Angelique Kidjo, Buika, Idan Raichel, Jane Xhang and so many more…

How a handful of my favorite musicians gathered to create a beautiful and powerful message for International Women’s Day!

Shine! Shine! Shine!

Check out what the song is all about here: http://song.unwomen.org/

Peace, how bad do you want it?

I write a lot about peace because it serves as such a powerful springboard for joy, gratitude, and love: qualities of humanity that touch the realm of the Divine and what lies beyond. And we all have experienced peace, it’s easy enough to reach, it’s often just an awareness shift away.

So if you still watch the news (something I don’t recommend – I stopped doing years ago because it was negatively affecting my internal foundation of peace which I value greater than being ‘in the know’ – but I get many people are still addicted to that need to be inundated with information) or are aware of the level of violence in the world, I hope you’ll appreciate that this month I’ll be posting primarily about peace movements through social media. Folks who are stepping up, not to fight against violence and conflict – but to transform it by putting their attention, creativity and voice to the power of peace.

Let’s start with a video by musician Emmanuel Jal of Sudan. If these beautiful people can find their foundation to step up for peace, there must be something in your life that can do the same for you. Do not go another day without recognizing it.


Miriam Makeba, An African Gift to the world

Today we celebrate what would have been Miriam Makeba’s 81st birthday. A South African musician from the 1960s, her music was one of the first from Africa that helped contextualize my life during the 1990s in reaction to the disintegration of Apartheid. And later in college, many a late night party would find me dancing and making up words to her joy-filled tracks. Happy birthday mama africa!!

Unexpected Change

This morning one of my favorite Adele songs came on the radio and seemed to speak to me in an entirely new way. Previously, I would get caught up in empathizing with her simple, but humble story that parting ways with a current love, didn’t mean that she would never find love again. And that belief helped her to be grateful and even appreciate the pain, enabling her to wish her former love all the best. I related with her about the pain of losing someone, of choices made to enable future growth, despite current heartache. Sadly (or not), it’s oh so familiar.

Today, I heard in Adele’s song, an anecdotal story of life. I fall in love with life so easily. Although more often than not, it’s my expectations about what life will bring me that I cherish. And every time it doesn’t happen as I plan, in essence unexpected change, its my attachment to that expectation that brings the suffering. My life is full of unexpected change at the moment. In health, relationships, employment, creative pursuits…and I realized that it is not the change itself that causes me pain, but more so that I am mourning the loss of a plan. The passing of an idea of how my life should look and feel right now. And it was only until the idea died, that I realized how attached I was to it.

So here I am, 4am on a weekday after weeks of restless nights and tearful days, a moment of clarity: I have a choice. I can continue to fantasize about how wonderful my plan was and what it would look like if it did come to fruition…

or simply let it go,

trusting that the qualities of that desire (joy, peace, balance, well-being….love) will manifest in other ways.