healing to worthiness

A writer friend recently asked me what was the genre of the book I’m working on and as I began to explain he offered a summarizing statement of “ohhhh, sounds like a self-help thing.”

Immediately I felt some irritation with his response, as if in the hierarchy of literature categorization self-help sinks near the very bottom somewhere between gossip columns and comics. Writing that somehow isn’t serious.

aa self help book

After reflecting about this days later I wish I would have said, “well I don’t really resonate with the term self-help as that doesn’t reflect the immense diversity or deep potential in human evolution this genre has explored over the past 30+ years. I think something akin to the ‘exploration of quantum spirituality, human consciousness and transformation’ may be closer to the dynamics of self-guided change that this category of literature attempts to examine.”

But alas in that moment I laughed and shrugged off his words, inwardly hoping ‘it’ might be more than a ‘thing.’

Situations like this give me pause about my writing. No, they give me pause about my worthiness to write until I examine why I feel hesitant to contribute my talent in this area. (Check out this awesome video of Brene Brown and Oprah on worthiness.) I remind myself that I understand why the self-help genre receives this reaction from most folks. Many Americans are uncomfortable with the idea that they are responsible for their life and that they are the best experts about their inward journey. Our society loves to belittle us about our innate ability to trust ourselves and our experience. We assume babies don’t comprehend the world around them, that animals don’t have souls or trees consciousness and most adults cannot be responsible for their managing their own physical well-being. Why is this? Where did these beliefs come from? Who benefits from this paradigm?

The human transformation movement, also referred to as the New Age or New Thought movement, isn’t about ‘helping’ people. I don’t even believe that it’s about helping people help themselves. It’s about shifting the way all of us perceive, interact and engage with the world beyond a physical and mental duality paradigm. It’s pretty evident that our current ways of human interaction based on competition, greed, and fear have created a world that reflects these beliefs the majority has about the nature of humanity. This movement and its corresponding literature presents evidence, shares mental and spiritual technologies and describes personal stories of individuals who have transcended these old models of behavior/thinking and literally downloaded a new operating system.

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My book about self healing is in essence a book about self-transformation. About the very real and very challenging work of integrating a new way of behavior based on abundance, trust, compassion and love. In a world that continues to be dominated by so much violence, blame and anger I find that healing this mental virus is the most important work there is to do. More important than my job, more important than my parenting, more important than consuming endless amounts of stuff. Yes I continue to work, mother and buy AND I recognize that they are not the primary reason for me being on the planet.

And so I have to trust my worthiness to write my story of healing, 1) because it’s part of my healing journey and 2) because the world needs this voice. Just as it needs to hear everyone wake up and be a contribution to benefit all the entities who share this planet. I trust we’ll get there, because the SHIFT has already begun. Awakening to our worthiness and responsibility is just one page of the story.


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Living for Quality

I’m often amazed how much my life has transformed since I began to focus my attention on qualities I wanted to experience, rather than things I wanted to have. This is the shift I describe in my chapter of The Thought that Change My Life Forever, a collection of the pivotal moments of life-shifting thought from 52 authors around the world. book chapter

Now that the books are available and I’m sharing the story with others in new ways, the wisdom of this lesson is floating back to my awareness, infusing itself into my analytical deliberations and whispering new options. I’m beginning to recognize new outcomes that are a direct result of my new attentiveness to ease, grace, joy, abundance and love. I literally wake up every morning wondering how wealth will show up for me today, curious of the ways appreciation will be exchanged and excited to discover new levels of trust, courage and happiness.

Oh, sure I still catch myself being stressed about work projects, or bill payments or my upcoming move…but then I recognize that being stressed isn’t helpful toward what I’m wanting: ease in insuring workshop participants have all they need to learn, exchange of money for a warm home, food, electricity and internet; and a graceful transition to a new home and a new state.

This transition, or perhaps addition, has helped me to distinguish the difference between happiness from a new Ipod vs. happiness from deep intimacy vs. happiness from meditation. There are some who may argue that those states of happiness are the same. But for me the means and the ends are noticeably different now. And being involved in this book project, I am discovering more and more people who would agree that the human race can no longer afford to limit itself to Ipod-level happiness or even sex-based happiness. Both of which have created such disastrous addictions. A deeper level of joy IS possible. If you are reading these words, there is a voice within you that already knows this.

One teacher I’ve been reading lately is Malidome Some. In a really beautiful interview he shares that:

…the individual can no longer afford to live by values such as the systematic accumulation of material goods as the yardstick by which to measure happiness. The spiritual thirst that is latent in everybody can never come to a place of fulfillment unless people begin to think of each other as potential brothers and sisters. Otherwise, they can never reach on the inside the same level of wealth that they’ve reached outside.

No matter the amount of time you are currently spending to reach for outward things or experiences to make you happy, you can begin right now to identify what joy is present in your life. You can begin right now, to focus on the last time you deeply laughed until your sides hurt. You can begin to recall, right now, the unconditional love someone expressed to you for even a single moment.

Try it.

I DARE you!

You might be pleasantly surprised how peace reveals itself.