Diving Deep by Thomas Blake

Diving Deep by Thomas Blake

we are
healing one another
with Love.
from oceanic depths
abundantly overflowing
with Truth.
from mountainous heights
exceedingly expressive
with Receptivity.
Bandages of shame
dissolve to the ground
as caressed bare feet
are revitalized by Strong Earth.

we are
burning away
old scars.
with purple flames
with tantric REAL seeing.
diving deep into rivers
known and unknown
beyond blackness into

Vortex of Love by Thomas Blake

Vortex of Love by Thomas Blake

we are
readying our souls
that is
One soul
to illuminate
the global mind.
Refreshing our bodies,
to remember
One body,
releasing generational wounds
welcoming back
our spiritual ancestry.






Is not just about leaves.

Whimsical foliage floating,

revealing splendid contrasts

of dried organic matter:

shades of honey, amber, honeysuckle

Mama Earth mimicking herself.


But Autumn is not just about leaves.

Wind pulses; rushes; plummets.

From tree tops, within bushes,

swirling from waves, skipping atop tall grass

embracing a stem, It whispers:

“let go… it is time”


I listen to the wind.

To the Leaves.

To Autumn.

Surrendering to


like a stem releasing her beloved.

Life Murmurs

There’s really no excuse for not having posted here in almost two months.

No excuse.

Just Life.

Life being life and expressing as Life often does in ways that are unexpected, inescapable and totally all encompassing. But unlike the premise of that video about overusing cell phones there are times when levels of recording and capturing the moment are critical and fun even!sunglassesact-of-kindness2 big_laughter caputer_moments

…but other times attempts to capture just get in the way of experiencing the moment in its entirety.

Being in a Moment

For example, the other day I was sitting on the swing outside my house, drinking in a moment of vitamin D and butterfly watching, when I noticed a rustle in the bush next to me. As I peered into the hues of greens and browns my eyes begin to make out the presence of a long green snake, slowly twisting its way up towards a bunch of curled brown leaves, which I suspect had some snake-deliciousness within their curves. I watched the snake approach the leaves and stick its long pink tongue inside. Retracting the tongue it munched then turned to watch me as it chewed. At one point opening its mouth wide (which I really wanted to interpret as a smile, but I have no way of knowing if snakes exchange emotion or if that was simply the curvature of its mouth).

I sat there staring at this snake and then this Bruno Mars song played in my head, which made me laugh out loud. And no lie, the snake nodded its head, then turned back to the leaves. I laughed again, thought how amazing that would have been to post on Facebook and then shrugged realizing that it was more amazing to just experience.

But the desire to come back to this blog and share insights and questions about how peace shows up in everyday life only faded for awhile….now I’m back… with much ado about EVERYTHING!

BIG questions that murmur…

On a recent Super Soul Sunday, Oprah asked Maya Angelou if she had a favorite word, and Dr. Angelou replied, “Yes, I like the word ‘murmur.’ You can’t shout murmur, you have to murmur, murmur.”


Lately I’ve been simmering on the topics of…

what it means to be human…

how we came to exist…

why I am here…

Yes those big existential questions that often blend the sources of how we derive answers which makes scientists uneasy and religious folks uncomfortable. I think that is because the complete answer isn’t found in science or religion, but in experience. And unlike science and religious debaters, experience murmurs.

It murmurs underneath the gratitude of a sick friend’s reception of your visit.

It murmurs behind a harvest moon at dawn.

It murmurs within the caress of a beloved.

It murmurs in between the million questions a four-year-old asks in the span of a day (and this is probably a low estimation).

It murmurs on the breeze of joy, the cramps of deep laughter and the curiosity upholding change.

Life murmurs.

And you can’t shout at Life. You just listen. And smile. And stare at the whole world for awhile.

Because it’s all kind of amazing. Just the way it is.

Artistic Moonlight

Over the weekend I went for a moonlight stroll. My photos fail to capture the vastness of the experience, but they do at least  provide a glimpse.


The experience felt like a Hafiz poem I read recently:

God is applauding our every act, but

He hides that reality from most, until

we can understand more about real


As I stood there contemplating the moon, stars and their dance across the ocean waves I wondered if artists across the world in ancient times did the same. Perhaps they too pondered aloud the mysteries of the Universe beyond and what is hidden from us that we do not yet understand.


During my walk, I ruminated over the act of creativity, the purpose of creative self-expression and the capacity for manifestation.

How does a musician translate what she hears beyond the silence into a song for her beloved?

How does the painter re-present the starry sky of this moment on canvas?

How does a poet catch inspiration of the majestic full-moon, quietly gazing at her luminous body for hours until (quick!) the whispering muse came out to play?

For the masters, there is something beyond skill, technique and analysis. I suspect an essence closer to grace and surrender. For if art is doing what it promised, we will not be the same after visiting.

ahhhh! Such Peace!

love poem to fasting


to that small voice.listening

It’s speaking,


From the rustles of the highest trees,

to the skipping of the ocean breeze.

Go there,

to that quiet space.

It’s waiting

as sweet air.


At sundown I begin my ninth journey through the holy month of Ramadan. It is a tradition I began with my former husband who taught me with much patience, for which I am grateful. I’m also thankful that my first Ramadan experience took place while living in Sierra Leone, West Africa. A country of remarkable religious understanding, whose people embrace and celebrate the tenets of Islam and Christianity regardless of the method each individual or family chooses to adhere to. Waking up to the sound of the Adhan (Call to Prayers), bowing in reverence with devote Muslims at the neighborhood Mosque, and partaking in nightly Iftars with (soon to be) family and friends laid the foundation of what I would begin to understand as the core tenets of this beautiful religion. Despite previous knowledge about the religion observing family and friends who shared insights over the years, living in a country where there was a palpable shift in collective interaction during the holy month was an experience I’ll never forget.

“O you who have attained to faith! Fasting is ordained for you as it was ordained for those before you, so that you might remain conscious of God” Holy Qur’an (2:183) Asad

Attending to the inward journey is something my life has always incorporated and part of the reason I created this blog. At first the experience of fasting was more of a mental challenge than a spiritual experience. Can I control my physical need for food solely through willpower?  But as the years went on in my experience of the fast, I realized that there were many more moments of clarity, insight and creativity during the time of the fast. But that too is a by-product of the complete experience (like losing a few pounds or having a compelling reason to not to go to the gym). Ramadan is about more than what one is giving up (food and drink for 30 days).

Ramadan is about choosing to prioritize spiritual nourishment over physical nourishment in order to be reminded of why you are here.

I sense this is why the great spiritual teachers always incorporated fasting into their lives on a regular basis. We see this is Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and an array of other spiritual traditions. For why else are we here if not to attend with full presence to that which means more than anything else: LOVE. Yet this word alone is so limited and life-less, especially in English. So allow me to share a poem I recently came across from a Sufi devotee. It is one of the fullest descriptions I have ever read about real love.

starry_skyexpanding heart, expanding cosmos

last night mysteries unfolded.
messages descended as they
ceaselessly descend in all dimensions.

the human love,
in its most pure form
keeps on expanding our heart.
what other way is there
to accommodate more love?

with every glance,
with every presence,
with every outpouring of
the beloved one’s sweetness,
the unseen human heart
keeps on expanding
to make room for more love
and more love
and more.

Trust-the-universe21and to accomodate the unseen hearts
of blessed lovers among humanity;
the cosmos keeps on expanding.
the farthest region of this universe
keeps on expanding towards the unseen,
towards the unknown nothingness.

and thus when each eternal adam inside of us
loves each eternal eve
(and vice versa)
with ishk, the pure love divine
the heart keeps on expanding
so much so
that when the time is ready
it is prepared to welcome the Beloved
amidst the mystery throne.

rmi_barriers_toloveso love dear friend,
love not with muhabbat, the love ordinary;
but love with ishk
and keep on expanding your heart
for welcoming the Intimate Guest within.

where else can He take His seat
but on an Infinite Throne amidst an Infinite heart?

Wisdom in Waves

Sunrise on the Atlantic

Sunrise on the Atlantic

Why am I fascinated by ocean waves?

The rush of the air twirling between waves, the ever-changing formations, the crashing sound of water upon sand, the bubbles and foam, blues, greys and greens dancing on the surface…

But beyond what my physical senses extract, there is a beautiful essence.

Some kind of magical reflection of the illusion of time.

I say magical only b/c I can’t explain or attempt to put into words what it is that moves me to watch the waves. Over and over. To listen to the story of past, future and now all crashing to the shore as One.

Is there

a whisper there, a wisdom?