Some of the most beautiful social transformations happen in community. Here is an example:


When I think about what the world might look like in 500 or 1,000 years these are the types of images I see. Despite the pessimistic imaginings of the authors of Cloud Atlas or Terminator series, it’s more likely (at least to me) that the nation-state will fall away in it’s self-consuming desire for more and more, and those people left will be the ones practicing the best of what the ancients taught us and the best of what the modern world provides. Perhaps something closer to what Starhawk described as the future San Fransisco.

But regardless of what the world might look like, or who folks transform their lives now to live a little closer to that ideal, shifts like this always begin with a simple shift in our internal environment. And that’s the lesson that places like Kufunda hold for us.


Let’s just begin

Have you ever felt that inner tug to follow a dream that you’ve had for a long time, and have run out of excuses to not do anything to begin? The last few months I feel I have been running circles around the idea of why I’m not sharing my ideas about peace and I’ve finally decided to stop, be still and speak out.

That’s the reason for creating this blog. For the last three years I have been developing a book idea on the relationship between individual and international peace and the responsibility for each of us to re-imagine our beliefs about peace in order to create the world we say we want to live in. After a two year masters program and the birth of my first child, I’ve had ample opportunity to research, examine and PRACTICE many of these ideas. This process has been more challenging than I expected, with many sleepless nights, cyclical conversations and moments of doubt in the receptivity of this message. But with an increase of conflict around the world showing up as stress-induced diseases within individual bodies and stress-induced wars within individual states, I realize that this is the perfect time to suggest that we need to reexamine our ideas around peace.

I hope that this blog can be a digital space not only for me to share my perspective, but to hear yours as well. I welcome alternative views and questions, requesting only that this conversation remain one with a dialogical nature instead of a debate. There are plenty of online forums where you can argue with everyone else to prove you righteousness. Dialogue on the other hand, is about sharing opinions without attempting to convert others to think the same way. My book, in essence, was written with this principal of sharing an alternative view with the world and hoping that with personal application, it will prove to be an effective change mechanism to further establish sustainable peace on the planet.

Here’s to our collective transformation!